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Last search keywords: Gays Studio: Hard Britlads This is where the Gang Bang gets REALLY intense, as part 2 of the Gang Bang sees Matt Brooks, Luke Desmond, Leo Helios & Justin Harris in some truly incredible positions, with some the most extreme arse stretching ever seen on Hard Brit Lads.If you havent spunked in your pants already, then this last position will certainly get the jizz flying. Matt doesnt start gently, he goes for it full throttle, pounding Justin as hard as he can.

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With his cock rock solid now, Hayden pushes his finger into his hole, making his dick throb. Despite having the most enormous dick, Luke D loves to get fucked, and now its his turn.We are outside, on a hot sunny day, in the shade of a tree. Checking there is nobody around, he begins touching himself, playing with his nipples. He fucks with long strokes, showing the full length. Next, its Leos turn to fuck, and he moves round as Luke joins Matt to get sucked again.Sitting with his legs wide apart, you can see through his loose shorts his big cock hanging down on the side of his thigh, the end covered with plenty of foreskin. Leo fucks hard, as Justin gets face fucked by thick dick Matt and nine inch Luke.Justin makes alot of noise, he has never taken two cocks before, and with the thickness of Matts meat, his arse is being intensly stretched..but his mouth is full of Lukes cock, so the sounds form Justin are kind of muffled.

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